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This transition has me thinking, however, how diverse the audiovisual industry is, and how small we really are. Now I’m not one to get introspective, but I felt as a technology manager, or user, I had my bearings on what products worked, what products didn’t work what is and isn’t going to be a winner in the marketplace, how future trends would shake out etc. I felt I had a really good “grasp” on technology, and I knew really everything I needed to know.

Yes, I believed there were parts of the industry I didn’t have as tight a grasp on, nuanced parts of the industry I’d really not need to concern myself with, like writing codecs to compress video, or  how SIP traffic is routed in QoS IP networks. I, for a while, thought I knew it all, or at least enough of it, to really make something of myself.

Then I started my new job as an Applications Engineer for Vaddio; I made the jump to manufacturing and was going to bring my “wealth” of knowledge with me.

It became very apparent, very quickly, probably 20-30 minutes into my first day when I started reading product manuals to bring myself up to speed on that I was far from where I needed to be when it came to knowledge of how cameras work, how cameras are controlled and a litany of other subject areas. I spent a week reading, reading some more and then reading some more without doing anything but reading and I find myself still asking co workers to explain terms and concepts to me so I can contribute to the team.

My point is, I thought I knew a lot, and maybe I did – maybe I knew a lot about a very little, but I’m quickly finding out that I could likely work on learning something new, continually, and still not know enough by the time I die. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to grow into, especially in the audiovisual industry, which is one of the many reasons why our industry is special and unique it’s never stale, it’s never boring and most importantly is members of the audiovisual industry never grow out of things to learn.

Which brings me to my point (375 words later). This is October, or #AVMonth, as it’s being tagged on twitter, and discussed around the web. One of the key tenants of #AVMonth is to not only revel in the fact that we work in an industry far superior to everyone other industry on the planet (sarcasm); but rather to promote understanding and engagement within the industry. One of the best ways to do this is to get involved. I am finding left and right there are people who know different things than I know. Not necessarily know more than, or less than, I know, but know different things. I can learn from them, they can learn from me and together the industry can become stronger than it has ever been.

Fellow REDBAND Collective member Josh Srago touched excellently on the subject in his post “Who But You?” ; so please, stop reading this and read his post and get involved. It’s what the month is about. Wherever you choose to do so, just make sure you join the conversation, there’s always a new angle, there’s always a point someone hasn’t considered, so please use this month to make sure your voice is heard. If you want to write here, go for it, I’m happy to have you post, or comment. Just.Get.Involved.


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