The Dawn of the REDBAND Collective

redband collective

Like wildfire, the news spread quickly throughout the AV industry at the end of August that the REDBAND bloggers group collectively decided that it was time for things to change. The individual efforts contributed by each of the REDBAND members had brought a certain amount of notoriety that caused the founder of the group, Christopher Neto, to realize that the original vision he had for this cooperative was surpassing expectations.

When InfoComm 2014 rolled around in June, conversations started to explore where the future of REDBAND could go and the group was presented with some incredible opportunities. This was the final jolt to the system that forced these thought leaders to look at their current circumstances and make a decision as to where REDBAND wanted to be in the AV media world.

REDBAND was founded on the principle of transparency. We have been a faction of AV professionals that wanted to shine the light on the issues and topics that others might let slide or avoided completely. We sought to bring the working professional perspective and expose the fluff marketing materials for what they were. That part of REDBAND will never end, and neither will our open communication about our mission and who we are.

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