InfoComm International Releases Verification Guidelines


InfoComm International, the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide, announced today they are releasing the Audio Visual System Performance Verification Guide  a free resource for interested parties to use in conjunction with ANSI/InfoComm 10:2013 standard for verification of audiovisual system performance.

This 332-page document provides installers and technology managers, or anybody really, with “a framework and supporting processes to asses and report whether an audiovisual (AV) system performs according to the client’s agreed-upon expectations.” The document is thorough, including 160  reference verification items that represent tests and measures needed to verify the performance of audiovisual systems. Thought not all 160 references will be used in each project, the  accompanying Standard provides the process for deciding which items to include. when verifying an av system’s performance.

This document will be especially useful for technology managers, to be able to provide a base-line way to verify whether or not a system installed performs as it should, which can be especially important when dealing with eliminating scenarios where testing results in “good enough.”

This document will be best used in future projects, as it requires appropriate documentation, which might not be available for legacy installations, since one cannot verify against something that does not exist. The standard and corresponding system functionality verification guide are designed to check against the documents generated in accordance with ANSI/INFOCOMM 2m-2010, Standard Guide for Audiovisual Design and Coordination ProcessesThe Fairfax, VA based association plans to release a Design Package Verification standard in 2015-2016 that will expand on the current standards available, according to the introduction to this guide.

Copies of InfoComm Standards are available to InfoComm members free of charge. The organization is always looking for volunteers to contribute to standards projects and committees, those interested can find more information on the standards page of the InfoComm website.

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