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The Value of Continued Learning

I’ve worked in the audiovisual industry for the better part of a decade. Being experienced in higher education classroom A/V, pro sound, video editing and studio recording I thought I had a great grasp on all things A/V. After this week, however, I’ve come to find my grasp isn’t as tight as previously thought. Don’t get me wrong, my knowledge didn’t deteriorate, nor did everything I know become obsolete, methods and standards didn’t change over night either. Rather, I took a three day class on all things audio video in preparation for a certification exam. For three days I sat in a room with 40 or so people from various portions of the a/v industry in a multitude of vertical markets; for three days we shared stories, and complications that are both universal and also specific to certain verticals. 

My point is, though the information discussed wasn’t groundbreaking, or unfamiliar to me; the value in the experience is two fold- first, networking with fellow industry professionals, especially those from other vertical markets is invaluable. The second point is learning, and pursuing new ideas and information is absolutely vital to being successful. As I said previously, I didn’t lose any knowledge, but rather had my eyes opened to a lot of other opportunities for growth and learning that I had not previously considered. 

What do you think?

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